Im Folgenden finden Sie ein Beispiel unserer Arbeit in den USA mit dem Lehrkörper einer international hochangesehenen Privatschule (auf englisch):

Mind Control Relaxation

A Workshop for School Faculty

Very similar workshops have been given at many organizations, both non-profit and for-profit in Europe and the US.

The goal of this particular program
is to enable teachers to gain new tools to deal with the daily stress factors which come with teaching today.

It is firmly based in the understanding that stress is a personal reaction to a give cir-cumstance which can be altered by methods of mind control and relaxation. To be able to keep your calm in intense professional environments is not just a matter of personality traits. It can be learned and then applied on an everyday basis. There are effective methods to get a grip on involuntary thought processes and to calm down heated emotions within yourself.
This is a three-step-program:

  1. First, you have to understand the different approaches. As personalities differ so do ways to deal with inner tension and upset. As you go through your day, different situations will demand unique solutions. A whole array of techniques will be pre-sented.
  2. Second, there will be time for experimentation. We will look at which approach is most efficient for any given circumstances and personality. There are long term issues and purely situational challenges which can be dealt with by differing methods.
  3. Third, there is of course the implementation at work and at home as well. There is support outside the workshop for any questions which may arise from what is pre-sented in the classroom.


Diese Programm, das über ein Jahr (inklusive Implementierungsunterstützung) führte zu einem anderen Klima an der Schule, zu einer neuen, von Eltern, Schülern und dem Lehrkörper bestätigten, Kooperationsfähigkeit aller Beteiligten.

Ab einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt des Prozesses, nachdem die Grundlagen der verschiedenen Techniken vermittelt waren, wurden auch die Eltern erfolgreich mit einbezogen.

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